Washington Parish Council is a consultee for planning applications in the parish areas of Horsham District Council (HDC) and tthe South Downs National Park Authority (SDNPA). It does not determine the final decision - this is the statutory responsibility of HDC and the SDNPA and in some cases West Sussex County Council. Please check their websites for details of applications in the parish and guidance for submitting comments:



Washington Parish Council will be considering a consultation response to the following applications at its next meeting on Monday 6th September 2021, 7.30pm at Washington Village Memorial Hall:

  • DC/21/1689 - Land North of 6 Montpelier Cottages Old London Road Washington RH2- 3BN
    Outline application for the erection of 6no 3-bed semi-detached dwellings, 3no 2-bed terraced dwellings and provision of 18 car parking spaces with all matters reserved.

The Parish Council will consider its consultation response at the next council meeting on 6th September.

Due to ongoing Covid meeting restrictions by the Village Hall, up to 6 people only can be safely accommodated in the 'public gallery' for the meeting. If you wish to attend either as an observer or speak on any of the above, please contact the Parish Clerk before noon on the day. Otherwise, you are strongly advised to make representations in writing to clerk@washingtonparish.org.uk before noon on Thursday 2nd September.

Longbury Hil Wood (south of Rock Road, Heath Common Ward, Washington Parish) Storrington
The land at Longbury Hill Wood is not designated for development in the emerging Horsham District Council Local Plan or the recently adopted Joint Storrington & Sullington and Washington Neighbourhood Plan. It is assessed in the district's latest SHELAA (Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment) as currently "undevelopable". Click here for the assessment report for the parish on page 16 and the map.

Washington Parish Council supports the policies of the Neighbourhood Plan which rigorously assessed and agreed that only one site needed to be designated for major development in this parish: Vineyards in Old London Road. This is currently in progress and will meet the parish's housing needs identified in the Neighbourhood Plan.

The Parish Council also supports the Heath Common Design Statement, adopted by Horsham District Council as planning guidance which seeks to protect the unique woodland character of this area. Click on this link for the Neighbourhood Plan and the Heath Common Design Statement for moreinformation.

During the Neighbourhood Plan process, over 100 letters from the community were received, supporting this highly valued and environmentally important woodland amenity and 'green lung' for the area

MP launches petition following residents' concerns about development proposals at Longbury Hill Wood(land south of Rock Road, Heath Common Ward of Washington Parish) Storrington. Click here for letter to residents from Andrew Griffith MP (Arundel and South Downs) and for correct survey link to his e-petition. (link in the letter is broken).

Felling Licence REF: 019/180/17-18 Longbury Hill Wood, Rock Road Road, (Heath Common Ward, Washington Parish) Storrington
In 2017, the owner of the woodland was granted a forestry licence to fell a Scots Pine plantation on the site. A number of conditions were imposed, including re-stocking which the Forestry Commission confirmed in 2019 has been achieved through natural regeneration.At a recent meeting, Washington Parish Council expressed concern about the present state of the woodland.
Bearing in mind the Forestry Commission's statement to the Council that 'the site will remain woodland and in the coming years the area will develop and mature as woodland', this Council has requestsed the Forestry Commission's confirmation and assurance that the area at Longbury Hill is being managed and maintained in full compliance, including tree species, density and layout, with the original licence conditions for its proper restoration and preservation. Without this being effective there is serious concern about the future of this highly valued and environmentally important woodland amenity. The Council is awaiting a response.

Published 8th June 2021.

Rampion 2 Wind Farm Expansion Proposals

Rampion 2 formal public consultation 14th July-16th September 2021:

RWE opened a 9-week public consultation on 14th July to expand the Rampion windfarm off the South Coast. The proposed inland cable route is through the South Downs and Washington Village.


Purple line of proposed inshore cable corridor through Washington Recreation Ground (pale blue) and Allotment land (pale green/adjacent). Go https://rampion2.com/consultation/ for maps with keys to symbols

For details and link to the consultation documents, go to:

Rampion 2, the only wind farm proposal off the UK’s south coast, aims to make a significant contribution to tackle climate change and meet Government targets to quadruple offshore wind capacity by the end of the decade.

The public consultation will inform final proposals which will form the basis of the Rampion 2 development consent application, to be submitted to the Government late in 2021. It is understood that if consent is awarded, construction would begin 2025/26 at the earliest for completion in 2030.

Public Meetings with Rampion:
Rampion will present their draft proposals at a live virtual public forum via Zoom on Tuesday 27th July 12:00-13:00 GMT and Monday 6th September18:00-17:30 GMT . The presentations will be followed by a Questions and Answers session. Register here for the virtual meeting on 27th July. Register here for the virtual meeting on 6th September.
Washington Parish Council has requested a public meeting with Rampion which councillors and residents can attend, on one of the following dates: Wednesday 1st September, Thursday 2nd September or Friday 3rd September 2021.Details will be announced on this webpage shortly.

The council will be making a consultation response to the proposals to be discussed at its Full Council Meeting on Monday 6th September. Feedback from residents will help inform its decision. Please share your views with the council by contacting the Parish Clerk by email: clerk@washingtonparish.org.uk

Rampion 2 - Share your views with Sussex MP

Sussex MP Andrew Griffith (Arundel and South Downs) has launched a survey to hear residents' views on the proposed expansion of the Rampion off-shore windfarm with associated onshore cable corridor and a new electricity sub-station. To take part in the survey and for more information on the scheme, go to:Rampion 2/Andrew Griffith (andrewgriffithmp.com)

The MP will be submitting a full response raising concerns on behalf of those constituents who have contacted him. He also plans to hold a real or 'virtual' roundtable meeting on the subject before making his submission to the summer consultation.

Click here for Washington Parish Council's response to the Rampion 2 initial proposals at the informal consultation in February 2021.
Further update to follow on the latest Rampion 2 Onshore Community Project Liaison Group Meeting for this area (held online 21st July 2021)


First public consultation (informal) for the Rampion 2 Wind Farm extension from 14th January -11th February 2021.

They issued the following information:

'An informal consultation has been opened seeking feedback on initial proposals to expand the Rampion Wind Farm off the Sussex coast. Rampion 2 could create clean, renewable electricity to power over one million homes in the UK in addition to Rampion's existing generation. Feedback from this first consultation will help refine more detailed proposals which will be prepared for a second consultation later this year.

An offshore 'Area of Search' is being assessed to identify the optimum site for a maximum of up to 116 turbines, the same number as the existing Rampion Offshore Wind Farm. A subsea export cable is proposed to bring the power ashore under Climping Beach, with an underground onshore cable route required to bring the power inland to connect to the national transmission grid at Bolney, where three potential sites are being considered for a new substation.
You can visit our 'virtual village hall' exhibition and give your feedback from 14th January to 11th February at www.Rampion2.com
Published 8th January 2021.

Washington Parish Council is amongst stakeholders and community groups being consulted upon the proposed onshore cable corridor. The Storrington Sullington and Washington Neighbourhood Plan 2018- 2031 coverage is partly within the scheme's Study Area. This includes policy allocations Policy 3: A24 Corridor and Policy 4: North Farm, Wiston Estate, Washington.
Part of a preferred inland electricity cable route is indicated through the South Downs National Park in the Washington Parish, the Recreation Ground and along the A283 Washington/Steyning Road. See map below:


The Parish Council discussed these initial proposals at its meeting on Monday 1st February 7pm, 2021 Click here for the Parish Council's response to the online exhibition/informal consultation. Feedback from the public and stakeholders will help shape the draft proposals for a formal consultation planned later this Spring.

Ongoing consultations for the Rampion 2 project: Community Project Liaison Group (Onshore)
Washington Parish Council is also represented on the Community Project Liaison Group 1 (Onshore) which had its first meeting on 22nd October 2020 (see minutes at the end of this report). This was an opportunity for the Rampion 2 Team to give a project overview, seek representations from local stakeholders and communities (including Washington Parish Council)on any issues, and to agree the group's terms of reference. Draft minutes for the 2nd meeting on 4th February 2021 will be published here they become available.

These community meetings follow on from the scoping consulation in July 2020. See details below:

Scoping request to the Planning Inspectorate July 2020:

EN010117 Rampion 2 Offshore Windfarm EIA Scoping Notification and Consultation
The Applicant has asked the Planning Inspectorate on behalf of the Secretary of State for its opinion (a Scoping Opinion) as to the information to be provided in an Environmental Statement (ES) relating to the ProposedDevelopment.

View the report from this link

Responses from the following consultees can be viewed here:

Scoping opinion: View report from this link Consultation responses are published in this document

Published 11th August 2020

Minutes of meetings of the Rampion2 Community Project Liaison Group 1 to date:

The Government's proposed planning reforms: 2 consultations

Please see the following links for responses to the Government consultation on 'Changes to the Current Planning System'.
https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/changes-to-the-current-planning-system .
The consultation includes the proposed change to the way housing numbers will be calculated.

The consultation closed on 1 October 2020.

A second consultation on 'Planning For Our Future, White Paper' https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/planning-for-the-futureis open until 29th October 2020. CLick on the following link for the following responses from: