Gatwick Airport Northern Runway Project: Last chance to have your say


October 2023

Last chance to register your views before 29th October 2023

Have your say on Gatwick Airport’s application to government for a second runway – before the deadline of Sunday 29th October.

A summary of the plans is set out in the Non Technical Summary on the Planning Inspectorate's website.

The application is following the Development Consent Order process as set out in the Planning Act 2008. This means it is being assessed by the government’s Planning Inspectorate (PINS) who will then advise the Secretary of State for Transport on whether to grant or refuse the application, including associated conditions. PINS have six months to carry out its examination once the process starts, expected to be in the next month or so.  Anyone can register as an Interested Party for the DCO examination

Consultation responses to the proposals from the following can be viewed on the links below:

West Sussex County Council at: and Adequacy of Consultation Representation on the PINS website

Horsham District Council: Gatwick Airport Northern Runway Project (NRP) Summer 2022 Consultation, the 2021 Statutory Consultation on the HDC website and the Adequacy of Consultation Representation on the PINS website.

South Downs National Park Authority: Adequacy of Consultation Representation on the PINS website

GACC (Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign) latest information and responses to the Gatwick proposals at:

Sussex Wildlife Trust: Gatwick Airport Northern Runway Project Summer 2023 Consultation on the Sussex Wildlife Trust's website.

RAMPION 2 Windfarm Expansion Plans: Last Chance to Have Your Say


September 2023

Last Chance to register your views before 6th November 2023

An application for a Development Consent Order (DCO) for the Rampion 2 project has been accepted for examination by the Planning Inspectorate (PINS). Proposals include an inshore cable corridor through the middle of Washington parish and its village.

Register now to have your say before the closing date on Monday 6th November 2023 at 11.59pm via the following link on the PINS Rampion 2 web pages at:

Rampion 2 Offshore Wind Farm | National Infrastructure Planning (

The above includes details on the registration process and access to the DCO application documents*. Give a short summary of the issues that you think are important - there will be an opportunity to expand on this later in the process if you want to. Here is a link on the Parish Council's website for its own registration which highlights key issues for the parish at: Washington Parish Council Relevant Registration as an Interested Party for Rampion 2 DCO Application 2023 .A similar separate registration has been made by the Parish Council as Trustee for the Recreation Ground charity because it has a land interest in the proposals.

Local MP Andrew Griffith has expressed serious concerns about the project and its impact on local communities and the environment. View more about the MP's campaign on his website at:

PLEASE- it is really important that you do register and say something now to give the Planning Inspectorate an idea of the strength of feelings locally, but also so that they understand the key issues they need to return to in detail later on. If you wish to make representations in writing, a hard copy of the form is available from PINS by telephoning them on 0303 444 5000. Post completed forms quoting the application reference EN010117 to the Planning Inspectorate, National Infrastructure Directorate, Temple Quay House, Temple Quay, Bristol, BS1 6PN.

The examination process is expected to take six months, and a final decision on whether consent will be granted will be made by the Secretary of State for the Department of Energy Security and Net Zero by early 2025.


*Electronic copies of the application materials can also be inspected on computers accessible to the public at a number of libraries from 20th September to 1st November 2023. See full list and contact numbers to check opening times, in the table below:

Rampion 2 application accepted for Examination by Planning Inspectorate


September 2023

The following notification was received by Washington Parish Council from RWE:

Rampion 2 application accepted for Examination by Planning Inspectorate
"We are writing to inform you that on 7th September, the Rampion 2 Development Consent Order (DCO) application for an offshore wind farm off the coast of Sussex, was accepted for examination by the Government’s Planning Inspectorate.

We have carried out a huge programme of engagement and consultation over the past three years and have subsequently made changes to the project proposals in response to feedback from statutory consultees and the Sussex community and we thank the local communities in Sussex for taking the time to provide feedback on the project proposals to date.

The application being examined includes detailed proposals for the Rampion 2 Offshore Wind Farm, the final Environmental Statement which sets out potential impacts and mitigations, and a Consultation Report which details the engagement and consultations carried out over the past three years and how the Project Team has taken account of the feedback received.

Situated to the west of the existing Rampion Offshore Wind Farm, Rampion 2, if consented, would include up to 90 turbines a minimum of eight miles offshore. An offshore export cable route would bring the power ashore under Climping Beach on the coast, and the underground cable route would continue inland to a new substation called Oakendene near Cowfold, then finally connect the power to the national electricity network at Bolney in Mid Sussex.

The Rampion 2 Offshore Wind Farm could generate enough electricity to power the equivalent of over one million homes and reduce carbon emissions by around 1.8 million tonnes. This means Rampion and Rampion 2 combined could power the equivalent of all of the homes in Sussex, twice over.

Now that the DCO application is accepted for examination by the Planning Inspectorate, in accordance with Section 56 of the Planning Act 2008, the Rampion 2 Project Team will publicise Notices of the accepted application in local and national newspapers, setting out how the community can register their opinions with the Planning Inspectorate. The public will be able to view the final proposals and register as an ‘interested party’ with the Planning Inspectorate at the Project Page of the Planning Inspectorate website at Rampion 2 Offshore Wind Farm | National Infrastructure Planning ( Anyone wishing to be kept informed or to participate in the examination can register at the same website.

The Examination process is expected to take six months, and a final decision on whether consent will be granted will be made by the Secretary of State for the Department of Energy Security and Net Zero by early 2025.
Contact 0800 2800 886 or visit for more information

PUBLIC NOTICE: Consent to Site a temporary Speed Indicator Device on Rock Road (north of junction with Gorse Bank Close)

Rock Road, Washington (North of Junction with Gorse Bank Close)


July 2023

PUBLIC NOTICE: Consent to Site a temporary Speed Indicator Device on London Road (north of junction with Frankland Mead)

London Road, Washington (North of Junction with Frankland Mead)


July 2023

Rampion 2: Last Chance to Comment


July 2023

RAMPION 2: Your Last Chance To Comment

The onshore cable route for the windfarm expansion has been selected. It will include a route through Washington parish and the Village and at least one construction compound. An application for the project, a Development Consent Order, is expected to be submitted to the Planning Inspectorate this summer.

Register now with the Planning Inspectorate to receive updates of the status of Rampion 2 proposal. By registering you will receive an email alert when to Register as an ‘Interested Party’ – that will be the last chance for our communities and wider public to express views to the Examination Panel.

How to Comment

As stated by Andrew Griffith MP for this area (Arundel and South Downs constituency), this scheme is not yet "a done deal." You still have a chance to make a difference. Much can still be gained by mitigating argument. Your input is integral in planning the future sustainable development of this area in West Sussex.

The Planning Inspectorate needs to be aware of those who seriously care about the area and wish to comment on the developer's proposals. This is your right to do so.

It is therefore crucial to Register your Interest. The window of opportunity to do this is when the application is submitted and this is determined by the developer. The Planning Inspectorate then has 28 days to decide whether the developer’s application meets standards required to proceed to examination, including whether the developer’s consultation was adequate.

Step 1: Register to be kept Informed & Updated:

Simply click on the link below and follow these steps:

  1. Add your email in the “Email Updates” box on the right hand side. You may need to scroll down the page a little.
  2. Click sign up
  3. Confirm your name and email address and make sure you tick the ALL Updates option under the “what do you want to be notified about?” section
  4. Click Sign me up
  5. An email will be sent to you to validate your address. You must click on the link in this email otherwise you will not receive updates


You are advised to monitor the Planning Inspectorate web page. The Inspectorate will advise you by email when they receive the Rampion submission. The pop-up windows and tabs on the website can be navigated to view further information regarding the application and process.

Step 2: Register as an Interested Party

The time to register as an interested party will be announced by the Planning Inspectorate. Make sure you do not miss this opportunity by signing up for email updates as per the steps above. There will be only a short window to register as an interested Party and it will be your last chance to make your views known.

If you have subscribed to notifications you will be notified by the Planning Inspectorate when it is time to do this.

Below is the link to the Planning inspectorate when you can find out more about being registered as an interested Party when the time comes.


Vacancy for School Governor

St Mary's CE Primary School, Washington, West Sussex


June 2023

Washington Parish Council's response to Rampion 2 Consultation 2022


November 2022

Washington Parish Council, with the assistance of a Planning Consultant, has made a formal submission to the Rampion 2 Second Consultation 2022.

A copy of our response can be read here.

The consultation closed on Tuesday 29th November 2022 at 23:59 hours. 

You can find the Rampion 2 Consultation materials on potential changes to their onshore cable route proposals, at 

We will shortly be publishing the draft minutes of the Council's Extraordinary Meeting on 21st November 2022, at which the Rampion 2 consultation was discussed.

Help for Households



September 2022

'Help for Households'

The Cabinet Office has recently launched the 'Help for Households' campaign which explains the 41 different government schemes available to help people with the cost of living, including new one-off payments as well as existing benefits and schemes. These schemes have now been brought onto one Cost of Living Support website.

Please follow the link;

Shoreham Cement Works Area Action Plan: Public Consultation is now closed


June 2022

The South Downs National Park Authority 8-week public consultation on the Issues & Option version of the Shoreham Cement Works Area Action Plan (AAP) closed on Tuesday 02 August 2022. It was published for public consultation under Regulation 18 of The Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012 (as amended) and opens from Tuesday 07 June 2022.  

The AAP for Shoreham Cement Works is a mini Local Plan for the site, which follows on from its allocation as a strategic site in the South Downs Local Plan. 

More information on the AAP and the consultation can be found by visiting the SDNPA website at: Shoreham Cement Works Area Action Plan - South Downs National Park Authority .

Washington Parish Council is a statutory consultee and submitted comments agreed at its meeting on Monday 4th July 2022. To view these, please make an email request to:

Join the Parish Council - Councillor Vacancies


October 2021

WASHINGTON PARISH COUNCIL should have 11 councillors but we are currently understrength and looking for new members.

WHAT MAKES A GOOD PARISH COUNCILLOR? Our members come from a wide variety of backgrounds but we all love our parish and wish to do everything we can to maintain and cherish what we have whilst also keeping a close eye on all potential planning developments and reporting our views to the relevant planning authorities to ensure the best result. All members can freely express their views in a relaxed and friendly meeting before any decision is taken.

The only requirements are that you must live or work in the parish, like to keep abreast of local issues and be able to attend evening meetings on the 1st and 3rd Monday each month.

Should you feel able to join us we would be very pleased to hear from you. Please contact our Clerk on 0777 6771921 or email

Parish Council strongly objects to 60-bed care home plans on land not in the Neighbourhood Plan


October 2021

Rampion 2 Public Consultation is now closed

Washington Parish


April 2021

Rampion 2 Windfarm Expansion: Public Consultation 14th July -16th September 2021

The Rampion 2 public consultation for draft proposals of a windfarm expansion off the Sussex Coast closed on Thursday 16th September.

Washington PC does not support the current routing proposal ("Route B") which would take the cable pipeline through Washington Village via horizontal directional drilling under the Recreation Ground/Allotment land, and result in additional traffic to already congested local roads. The Parish Council is also seriously concerned about the inappropriate locations of the proposed construction compounds around the village, which is largely in a conservation area within the SDNP. The Parish Council is asking that Rampion robustly pursues all other options to avoid the Village, including the original "Route A."  

See the Parish Council's full consultation response at the end of this page and also on the Planning page.

For details of the scheme and information about the consultation process please visit Rampion's web page at: 

Rampion 2: MP's online survey to canvass local opinion

Sussex MP Andrew Griffith (Arundel and South Downs) has launched a survey to find out residents' views on the proposed expansion of the Rampion off-shore windfarm with associated onshore cable corridor and a new electricity sub-station. To take part in the survey and to read the MP's comments on the recent public consultation, go to: Rampion 2/Andrew Griffith (