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Storrington & Sullington and Washington

Neighbourhood Plan 

Published: 6 Feb 19

Public Notice of Publication of Modifications to the Storrington Sullington and Washington Neighbourhood Plan.  Click here for the Notice


Storrington, Sullington and Washington

Neighbourhood Plan

The examination of the Storrington & Sullington and Washington Neighbourhood Plan is in progress. Please click on the following links for: 

Examiner's Initial Comments - May 2018
Response to Examiner's Initial Comments from Horsham District Council - 20 June 2018
Further Comments from the Examiner - 26 June 2018
Further Comments Question 7 - Response
Further Comments Question 9 - Response
Further Comments Question 10 - Response
Further Comments Question 11 - Response
Further Comments Question 12 - Response
Further Comments Question 13 - Response
Further Comments Question 14 - Response
Further Comments Question 15 - Response
Further Comments Question 16 - Response
Further Comments Question 17 - Response
Revised Map - Overview
Revised Map Green Gaps and Views 

Revised Map inset 1
Revised Map inset 2
Revised Map inset 3
Revised Map inset 4
Revised Map inset 5
Revised Map - Longbury Hill Wood as proposed for Local Green Space Designation  


SSWNP Public Hearing

On:      Thursday 20th September 2018, 10am
Time:  10am
At:        The Parish Hall (Storrington &
Thakeham Road, Storrington,
              RH20 3PP

Guidance Notes for the Hearing
Response to Examiner from Horsham District Council June 2018
Further Initial Comments from the Examiner : June 2018 
Further Information from the Examiner 31 August 2018

Public Hearing Question 2 Response from NP Steering Group
Public Hearing Question 2 Response from Horsham District
Public Hearing Question 2 Lewis and Co Planning

Public Hearing Question 3 Response from NP Steering Group
Public Hearing Question 3 Response from Horsham District Council
Public Hearing Question 3 Response from Horsham District Council appendix A
Public Hearing Question 3 Response from Horsham District Council appendix B
Public Hearing Question 3 Neame Sutton    

Public Hearing Question 4 Response from NP Steering Group
Public Hearing Question 4 Response from Horsham District 
Public Hearing Question 4 Batcheller Monkhouse 
Public Hearing Question 4 Batcheller Monkhouse appendix

Public Hearing Question 5 Response from NP Steering Group
Public Hearing Question 5 Response from Horsham District Council
Public Hearing Question 5 Planning Potential   

Public Hearing Question 6 Response from NP Steering Group
Public Hearing Question 6 Response from Horsham District 
Public Hearing Question 6 ECE Planning  (link to HDC website)
Public Hearing Question 6 Member of the Public 
HDC Environmental Officer's Final Comments Angells Sandpit 

The full list of supporting documents and position statements can also be accessed from the following links: horsham.gov.uk and storrington-pc.gov.uk



PUBLIC NOTICE of Regulation 16
The Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 Public Consultation 23rd February - 13th April 2018 is now closed.  

Please click on the following link: http://www.storrington-pc.gov.uk/Documents_submitted_for_Reg_16_Consultation_1714.aspx
to view the documents submitted for the Regulation 16 Consultation.  These are also available to view at the Storrington Library and The Parish Hall, Thakeham Road, Storrington & RH20 3PP

The parishes of Storrington & Sullington and Washington have come together to produce a plan, which will help to preserve what we want to protect, improve what we don’t like and to control the amount, type and location of development in our parishes until 2031. We have also consulted regularly with our neighbours in Thakeham where the area around Water Lane and Rydon is considered to be of mutual interest.

The Localism Act of 2011 has given communities such as ours the opportunity to shape our own future rather than have others determine what will happen. It is important that you read, comment on and ultimately support our plan, which directly affects the community in which you live.

The Plan is based fundamentally on what you, as residents, have told us through our questionnaires and meetings etc. and through the Focus Groups, which consisted of both Parish Councillors and members of the public. Likewise the Steering Group of 12 is made up of 4 Councillors from each Parish Council and 2 members of the public from each parish.

The Plan seeks to protect what we value about our communities whilst being realistic in terms of development. We want to protect our green spaces and our individual parish identities, improve our footpaths, bridle paths and cycle paths but are also conscious of the fact that we need to provide homes and employment for the younger generation so that they are not forced to move away. We have therefore tried wherever possible to provide smaller developments to reflect the preference shown in the questionnaires but we have to work with the sites that have been put forward and where these are larger brownfield sites we hope that you will see the logic of using these previously developed sites thus, giving valuable protection to green field ‘virgin’ sites. Once adopted, the plan will be enshrined in law.
February 22nd 2018


Storrington and Sullington & Washington Neighbourhood Plan 2016 

Below are the links for the six Consultation Documents submitted for the Neighbourhood Plan examined in 2016:   

The documents can also be accessed at the Storrington Parish Council website by copy/pasting the following into your browser: www.storrington-pc.gov.uk, and following the links for the Neighbourhood Plan from the opening page 

Hard copies of the Consultation Documents can be viewed at the Storrington Library, or by appointment at Storrington & Sullington Parish Council's Offices (see above address)


 Background information:

The first Storrington, Sullington and Washington Neighbourhood Plan was submitted to Horsham District Council for consultation at the beginning of August 2015. The consultation period ran until the 9th October 2015.

The plan was submitted for independent examination in October. Click on the links for the Examiner's Report  and the joint Statement from the Parishes.

Below are links to the submitted documents for the Neighbourhood Plan in 2015:

 Submission Plan

Consultation Statement

Site Assessment Report

Supplemental Site Assessment Report 

Basic Conditions Statement

Sustainability Appraisal/Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)

Also, link to copy of the Habitat Regulations Assessment Screening

For further details click on the following link: Storrington & Sullington Parish Council

Neighbourhood Plan Agenda & Minutes